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Joey said his life was just a bore, he took a mouthful of reds from his sister's drawer. The doctor tubed inside of his nose, they pumped his stomach, that's the way it goes...

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Life Stinks, Gonerfest 11 Total Punk After Party, The Buccaneer, Memphis, TN, 2014

Okay, last one until my Gonerfest sets go up over at Impose. What a fun time. I managed to shoot every band except for the ones at the first night’s after party, Protomartyr, and the Gizmos. Good times.

Life Stinks was one of the best acts all weekend, both sets, but I’m really putting these up as an excuse for more photos of Don in the dress.


Self Portrait by Screaming Mad George.  This painting was created in 1977 while enrolled at the School for Visual Arts. 

(Note Mr. Hand Head in the background.)

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My Rules, My War: Black Flag and American Working-Class Thought in the 1980s

In its early-1980s heyday, Los Angeles’ Black Flag seemed to be making the most anti-authoritarian music in America. Gripped by suburban boredom, kids from the idyllic beach communities lining LA’s southern coast made punk “hardcore”: drill sergeant barks, speed, noise. The surfers and skaters who packed Black Flag’s early, sweaty shows at rented Elks’ Lodges earned the enmity of vicious LA cops eager to stifle the same teen energies that once propelled the “riots” on the 1960s-era Hollywood Strip.


Stick Men With Ray Guns 08


Records are here #totalpunk

Life Stinks - my my my

Remember when I told I was butchering Andrzej Zulawski’s classic “Possession” for some project a while ago. Well, here’s said “project”. This one took a while. But hey, the song’s almost 17 minutes long… Anyway, it was worth it, as this is one of the best bands around right now. Incredible live-band too, go see ‘em if you have the chance! Their new 45rpm should be out any minute now on Total Punk Records, make sure to pick one up; a little teaser can be found on the imprint’s soundcloud: soundcloud.com/totalpunkrecords/life-stinks-portraits Meanwhile get your head out of your ass and order a copy of the LP from s-srecords.tumblr.com/


Oh, and in case you were wondering: This too ain’t an official vid.

Crime, Stardust Ballroom,…, Stardust Ballroom, …, Stardust Ballroom, …, Stardust Ballroom, …

Total Control - paranoid video from ein dünner Speichelfaden on Vimeo.

I was actually dissecting Zulawski’s “Possession” the other night for another project, wherein I unfortunately had no use for what might be one of the most disturbing scenes of the whole picture. Of course it would’ve been a waste to leave the whole fuckin’ mess on the cutting room floor, which is why I decided to quickly assemble this here piece.

Total Control are about to drop their second full-length in a bit, on the prolific Iron Lung imprint once more. A teaser of what’s to come can be found on the band’s soundcloud: soundcloud.com/total-control/flesh-war Also check out vocalist Daniel’s tumblr fleshwar.tumblr.com/ And send some cash his way for the most recent copies of Distort.

Okay, thanks for reading thus far. And here’s what you were waiting for, my usual mantra: This is not an official vid. This is not and official vid. This. Is. NOT. official.

In today: A double dose of…umm, distortion. About time!

TPR-24 out early June

Lost Sounds - die alone (promise me) from ein dünner Speichelfaden on Vimeo.

Had an unfinished version of this on my hard drive for at least a year and a half. Part of the problem was, that I originally wanted this to fit Jay Reatards “Fading all away”. But that particular song is way to short, and most of the really good and the really graphic scenes would’ve landed on the cutting room floor. Which would’ve been a pity. And after all this is still a Jay Reatard songs, right…!?

This ain’t an official vid. Goes without sayin’, I suppose?