I pull the shades so I won't see them seeing me

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Joey said his life was just a bore, he took a mouthful of reds from his sister's drawer. The doctor tubed inside of his nose, they pumped his stomach, that's the way it goes...

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Lost Sounds - die alone (promise me) from ein dünner Speichelfaden on Vimeo.

Had an unfinished version of this on my hard drive for at least a year and a half. Part of the problem was, that I originally wanted this to fit Jay Reatards “Fading all away”. But that particular song is way to short, and most of the really good and the really graphic scenes would’ve landed on the cutting room floor. Which would’ve been a pity. And after all this is still a Jay Reatard songs, right…!?

This ain’t an official vid. Goes without sayin’, I suppose?

B-side of the “Jaguar RIde” 7” out on HoZac Archival 2014, recorded Cleveland circa 1975, ground zero US punk history.

Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Spießerstadt, ach wie hab ich Stuttgart satt! 
Stuttgart, Stuttgart, falscher Schein, ich will nicht in Stuttgart sein…

Screamers, Whisky-A-Go-GO,…

The Deadbeats, Whiskey A…

The Zeros, San Francisco, CA,…

The Zeros, San Francisco, CA,…

I wanted to smoke Gauloises, drink black coffee and talk about absurdity and maquillage with wicked women and doomed young men… I wasn’t interested in happiness, I was looking for the Holy Grail.
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Lester Bangs

Karlsruhe tonite… 😍

Chromatics - the page from ein dünner Speichelfaden on Vimeo.

…but when I dream of who we were I slip away.

As per usual, this ain’t an official vid. Not sure if the Italian in the title-sequence and credits is entirely correct either. Please bear with me. Thanks.

Here’s to Germany: Ein gar nicht mal sooooo dünner Speichelfaden…

Hi Heike and Diana. How do you like it…!? Beautiful eh…!? ;-)

German national day today. Dry retch! But had a great day at work, despite all the current obstacles, lotsa laughs and everything was pretty smooth. Didn’t even care about all the Sonntagsfahrer (no translation here, this is a German phenomenon, it seems, so…) on my way home. And found this at my doorstep. All of ‘em in one lovely lil’ box, and with a neat booklet on top. A little pricey, but still way cheaper than the originals (and I’m still missing a couple, if anybody wants to part with theirs, drop me a line…). Thank you, Dangerhouse (re-activated, it seems?), Frontier and Munster. Great job!!