I pull the shades so I won't see them seeing me

location: Fallout Beach, Eyesore City / Planet Failure

Joey said his life was just a bore, he took a mouthful of reds from his sister's drawer. The doctor tubed inside of his nose, they pumped his stomach, that's the way it goes...

To all my followers: Thanks. I would love to follow back, but since this is not my first (main as they call it) tumblr I unfortunately can't do that. Sorry.

Got the note on Saturday, and picked this up at the local customs earlier today (an uncommonly quick session, I was in and out in a matter of minutes, definitely under 5 - it usually takes at least 10 minutes, as these customs-officers act like sloths oftentimes, and I’m not exaggerating!!). Recorded in 2010 but not released until now. Loved both singles, so I’m glad this saw the light of day, even though the band is no more.