I pull the shades so I won't see them seeing me

location: Fallout Beach, Eyesore City / Planet Failure

Joey said his life was just a bore, he took a mouthful of reds from his sister's drawer. The doctor tubed inside of his nose, they pumped his stomach, that's the way it goes...

To all my followers: Thanks. I would love to follow back, but since this is not my first (main as they call it) tumblr I unfortunately can't do that. Sorry.

In the mail today: Useless Eaters / Nü Sensae split 7” on Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club. Seth Sutton contributed a great, and exceptionally epic dirge (for a Useless Eaters track anyway, it almost hits the 4 minute mark) and Canadians Nü Sensae follow suit with an equally as heavy stream of sludged black piss.

Btw.: Has anybody ever seen physical copies of the “Black night ultraviolet” 7” on Manimal?? Does this damn thing actually exist?