I pull the shades so I won't see them seeing me

location: Fallout Beach, Eyesore City / Planet Failure

Joey said his life was just a bore, he took a mouthful of reds from his sister's drawer. The doctor tubed inside of his nose, they pumped his stomach, that's the way it goes...

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Brand new and straight outta Karlsruh’ it’s Red Lounge’s 100th release (which comes a little delayed, I believe), which turned out to be one of those naughty lil’ split 45s. Side A has Alicja and Jay’s legendary Nervous Patterns doin’ “You can’t change” from their first single, only that this time it’s sung in German (as it seems this is the original recording even, with a newly recorded vocal-track). Neat! On the flip it’s Alicja again, with another of her and Jay’s classics, the Lost Sounds’ “Energy drink and the long walk home”, but in form of a cover done by River City Tanlines, and sung in Deutsch as well.

Pictured above are the regular version, as well as the limited more blood and most blood ones. And there will be yet another version out soon, the so-called Secret Record Society Edition. Keep your eyes peeled.